Loveland, CO
Gallery 970
June 2015

We joined Gallery 970 for the opening of the art show 'On the Land'. A Wendell Berry inspired show; "Until we understand what the land is, we are at odds with everything we touch." Which is a concept we really connect with. The art opening was a fun filled family event with art, food and music. We pulled the BARter Collective mobile recording studio alongside the gallery and everyone played along.

gallery_9701 oldfashioned_story_card2 oxtail_soup_recording3 the_window_story_card4 the_action5 waiting_story_card6 the_scene7 adventure_story_card8 blue_typewriter_9 bird_story_card10 collecting_a_story11 emiline_story_card12 farm_sisters_tell_a_story13
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Support from Colorado Creative Industries Career Advancement Award.
Maureen Hearty