Joes, CO
Grassroots Community Center
September, 18 2015

Grassroots Community Center is on Highway 36 and serves 3 local towns: Cope, Joes and Kirk. The population of all 3 towns is approximately 300. We visited Grassroots during the Highway 36 Treasure Hunt and local music night. The Denver music project Detour, featuring the band the Flobots, joined us with their similar goal of community song sharing.

Telling Tales1 Baby Under a Tree2 Rattle Snake in the Well, the recorded story3 When I Was Six4 Momma Tells a Story5 Song Sharing 6 Weather is Serious7 Story Collecting at Grassroots8 Girl in a Van9 Story Time at Grassroots10 Auto Harp Song11 Colorado12 Bee Story 13 Dowsing Witch14 Grassroots Marque15 Rural Roots, the Grassroots Band16 Girls With Sledge Hammer17 Flobots and Friends18 Jermiah19 Flobots Jam20 Hop Hop Meets Country21 Siberian Bear Hamster22 Jamie and the Grassroots Crowd23 Unnerving Day24 Judy Shares a Song25 Meade Brothers26 A Swallow27 Rich and Owen Share the Mic28
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Maureen Hearty